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Ayurvedic Soul Diet

Ayurvedic Soul Diet is a program developed with the principle of ‘Ayurvedic- Individual Approach’ to build and sustain healthy body and rejuvenating lifestyle. According to Ayurveda every individual has different type of body system, hence all types of food or same diet plan will not suit everyone.

We provide personalized Diet plans and Lifestyle regime as per one’s Body constitution for healthy and successful weight loss, better nourishment and fitter bodies.


About Us

Our vision is to make Ayurveda as one of the easiest way of life for everyone.

‘We are what we eat’ Ayurvedic soul diet is a drive to integrate holistic essence of 5000 years old Ayurvedic nutrition, diet and herbs with modern complexities of lifestyle.

We design dietary plans and lifestyle regimes applying core principles of Ayurveda in reflection with both modern advances and constraints.

Mother Nature has blessed us with such precious surrounding where every substance acquires great healthy qualities and nutritional values which we can use in our everyday life to stay fit. Ayurvedic soul diet aims to provide knowledge of such applications in the easiest way possible in our daily live for healthy living

Ruhi Rajput founder of Ayurvedic Soul diet is certified in Ayurvedic Dietetics and Nutrition from reputed Kairali Ayurvedic Training Institute, Delhi.


Success Stories

Ruhi , I can’t thank her enough for helping me lose weight the healthiest way .

She gave excellent diet plans , I rarely felt starved , with changing plans every 3-4 days , she gave many options to eat .
It was a wonderful 3 months journey with her , and I could easily shed my stubborn fat , on which I had given up .

I lost approx 7 kgs in 3 months , and without making huge changes in my diet , for me its a big achievement . the last 3 months taught me to make healthy choices and balance in my diet , I now know a healthy lifestyle , is not so difficult .

I wish Ruhi super success in her endeavour to spread health and make people fitter 🙂
As a person whatever I little I know her , she is gentle and encouraging giving out very positive vibes , which makes the fitness journey easy and exciting .

After her 3 month course , I achieved what I wanted , which made me a happier fitter person. its great to fit into your old clothes which were kept away 🙂

Thanks a lot Ruhi ,

Shikha Vats

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Consult Us

For further consultation, online or face-to-face, on Personal Diet and Regiment Plan, kindly contact us at:
Phone No: +91 9971498156