According to Ayurvedic fundamentals, we all are born different and every individual’s body constitution is different. For example our body structure, body temperature or immune system is different from one another. Hence same types of food or same daily lifestyle regime will not suit everyone. This is why Ayurveda gives specific diets for each constitutional type.

            To determine your body type as per Ayurvedic system, respond to the following questions given in the test. Try to choose an answer which fits you the closest. Answer as per your lifetime tendencies, 'Prakriti' how you have been or felt most of your life. Prakriti will determine your birth constitution.

We will email you details about your body constitution and sample diet as per your body type once you submit the answers.

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    Body Frame
  • Tall or short, Thin, poorly developed Physique
  • Medium height, Moderately developed Physique
  • Stout, stocky, big, well developed Physique
    Body Weight
  • Light, difficult to gain weight
  • Moderate Weight
  • Heavy, gains weight Easily
    Skin Texture
  • Dry, rough or cracked, prominent veins
  • Moist, Pink, slightly oily, combination
  • Pale, moist, soft, oily
    Hair Quality
  • Coarse, Dry, Split ends, Brown-Black
  • Fine, soft, early greying or balding
  • Abundant, Oily, thick, lustrous, Dark Black
    Face Shape
  • Small, thin, long
  • Medium sized, oval, angular
  • Large, round
    Teeth & Gums
  • Small, roomy, stick out,dark and thin gums
  • Medium size teeth, soft, pink, tender gums which are prone to bleeding
  • Healthy, white teethand strong gums
    Quality of Hands & Nails
  • Thin, dry and cold hands long fingers, rough and cracked nails
  • Medium sized hand and warm, symmetrical fingers and strong nails
  • Large cool hands, short and thick fingers, smooth, white nails
    Digestive Strength
  • Variable, erratic or weak
  • Strong, able to digest mostly anything
  • Medium or slow but steady
    Digestive disturbance from problem food
  • Intestinal gas, constipation, bloating
  • Acidity, burning or stomach gets upset easily
  • Bloated feeling, heaviness, feeling of fullness
    Food cravings
  • Dry, sweet or salty, crispy snack foods
  • Spicy, salty, hot
  • Sweet, creamy, cold
    Eating Habits
  • Bingers, snacks, forgets to eat, long gaps in eating
  • Likes regular main meals, prefers timely eating
  • Likes to munch most of the time, tends to over eat
  • Erratic, no fixed time, dry, constipated
  • Everyday at regular time, loose, may get loose motions easily
  • Moderate, solid, regular everyday, may get mucus in stools
    Blood Circulation
  • Poor, variable, cold hands and feet
  • Good, warm hands and feet
  • Slow, steady cool hands and feet
  • Variable, erratic, easily satisfied
  • Strong, needs proper meals and good quantity
  • Steady but low
  • Quick, fast, hyperactive, needs change quickly
  • Motivated, purposeful, goal seeking, energetic
  • Methodical, steady and slow
    Strength and Endurance
  • Poor endurance, starts and stops
  • Moderate level of endurance
  • Strong, good endurance
    Sensitivity to Environment
  • Dislike of cold, wind, sensitive to dryness, seeks warmth
  • Dislike of heat or direct sun, likes coolness
  • Dislike to cold, likes wind and sun
    Resistance to Disease
  • Poor, variable, weak immune System
  • Medium, prone to infection
  • Good, consistent, strong immune system
    Speech Habits
  • Quick, talkative, inconsistent, erratic
  • Moderate, argumentative, convincing
  • Slow and clear, concise, not talkative
    Mental Nature & Decision making
  • Quick, adaptable, indecisive, impulsive
  • Factual, practical, sharp, critical
  • Calm, steady, reflective and considerate
  • Light, tends towards insomnia, restless
  • Moderate, may wake up but will fall asleep again
  • Heavy, sleepier during day, difficulty in waking up in the morning
    Emotional Tendencies
  • Anxious, fearful, nervous, worries
  • Frustrated, irritable, angry, dominating
  • Calm, attached, sentimental
    Cognitive Tendencies
  • Creative, intuitive, inquisitive
  • Helpful, disciplined, dynamic, independent
  • Caring, kind, family oriented, stable
    Social Relations
  • Relates easily, can be superficial
  • Relates well; can be dominating
  • Relates with difficulty
    Mental Relation to objects
  • Not very important, erratic
  • To know about, purposeful
  • Important to have or own, practical
  • Has many but not deep
  • Has close or several
  • Has few but very deep
    Life Goals
  • Change frequently, not so important
  • Determined, very important
  • Fixed for life early
  • Learn quickly, forget quickly
  • Good memory, medium
  • Good long-term memory, slow learning
  • Quick and easy, like s to stroll
  • Medium or fast and strides
  • Walk slowly and saunter
  • Small, sunken, dry, active, frequently blinking, grey/brown
  • Sharp, sensitive to light, yellowish or reddish sclera
  • Big & calm, black/dark brown