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Lentil Lasagna

If you don’t know your Ayurvedic body constitution, Kindly find out with this simple test Once you complete the test, you will get a mail that explains about which doshas, Vata, Pitta and kapha are dominant in you. Accordingly you can choose diet and recipes which specifically balances those doshas and helps you to stay fitter and healthier!!


Green lentil is called mudga in Ayurveda and commonly known green moong. Green lentil is considered best among all lentil in Ayurveda. Also it is one of richest source of plant based protein and very low in calories. Green Gram helps in detox as it eases bowel movement and also replenishes skin tissues.

Effect on doshas

Green gram or green mung is Tridosh samak, which means they it balances all three doshas, Vata, Pitta and kapha.

Qualities (guna) of green gram

Light and dry

Ayurvedic Qualities (Dravya Guna)

Taste (Rasha): Sweet, Astringent

Potency (Vipaka): Cooling

Post Digestion Juice (Virya): Sweet


Rich source of calcium and good fat.It has good amount of protein and required nutrients like B12 and zinc.

Effect on Dosha

Good in balancing Vata dosa.

Qualities (guna) of Cheese

Heavy, Uncutous

Ayurvedic Qualities (Dravya Gina)

Taste (Rasha): Sour

Potency (Vipaka): Heating

Post Digestion Juice (virya): Sour



Calories (approx):150


1.40 gm green lentil
2. 1 cheese cube (Vegan can use tofu cheese)
3. chopped veggies
4. Clarified butter, (Ghee) 1 tsp
5. Basil leaves (optional)
6. Black olives (optional)
7. Herbs- Rosemary, basil, oregano and Paprika
8. Salt


Soak lentil in water for two to three hours. Rinse the lentil and steamed it in pressure cooker just for 10-15 minutes without any water or just two to three tablespoon of water. In a pan add ghee, sautee the veggies, add few basil leaves, herbs and salt. Take the mixture from pan and put it in a flat bowl which can be used in ovens or microwave. Press the mixture well. Add grated cheese and put it in the oven (175 degree for five minutes). Take the bowl out and olives and fresh basil leaves, again bake it for another five minutes.
Cut it with a spatula or pizza cuter into large cubes before serving.

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