Weight loss program which really works!!

I have been in the program for 3 months and I am happily surprised with the results. I thought initially when I enrolled that the plans will be so difficult that I will loose interest in a week but Ruhi Rajput made it so easy for me to follow that I was able to see the change on the weighing scale from the very next week. It was amazing journey, lost 9 kgs in 3 months, learnt a lot about the right food which suits the my body type according to Ayurvedic constitution.

Not only the weight loss, Ruhi also introduced me to a herbs which replaced my ongoing medication to treat PCOS which worked perfectly and now I am off the medicine.
Thank you so much Ayurveda and to Ruhi for great help and also extending my plan to cover my days I was off the plan as due to some circumstances I could not follow for 2 weeks.
Amazing experience and results!

Business analyst, New Zealand

Weight loss journey from Shanghai-10 kg in 3 months


I was never much into weight loss till my friend enrolled me with Ayurvedic soul diet, though I was aware of the negative effects of excess weight in my body. I am working in Shanghai and eat out for lunch everyday. Ruhi, prepared very simple plans for me including food items which are locally available and provided wide variety of suggestions which I can choose and pick when I am eating out. She added various ayurvedic herbs and superfood to reduce my fatty liver and lower my cholesterol levels. Once I started I became superbly motivated and became regular with my workouts and has been moving into the fitness journey everyday even after finishing the plan.

Sachin Gupta

Ayurvedic diet remedies for IBS

This is an overdue feedback on Ruhi’s diet plan (I am sorry for thanking you so late)

Ruhi has been nothing short of a miracle in terms of her tailored plans and remedies for chronic IBS patient, thats me!

I would run away from food, feed myself bare minimum and live on bread and coffee to avoid feeling bloated and getting that annoying feeling of fullness after a meal.

Things have changed now, I’m eating, in small portions. Food that is light on my gut and I feel fine on eating my four meals a day.

For my condition Ruhi incorporated fermented food diet in my diet plans which really helped my digestive and acid reflux issues. She comes up with innovative recipes that are simple to make at home and absolutely delicious at the same time! I feel lucky to have come across a nutritionist who listens to all my problems and addresses each issue giving me full information on why a specific food item or even a remedy would be beneficial for me.

I would highly recommend Ruhi to anyone who is scared of eating, has chronic gut issues or even someone who would wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Her plans are easy to follow and Ruhi has a solution to every problem! (Food related πŸ™‚ )

Thank you so much Ruhi!Forever in debted

Tina Puri

The Ayurveda Way of Life through right method of eating

My health was not at at its best when I decided to meet Ruhi. I was battling with endometriotic cysts, acid reflux, vertigo/cervical pain but I believed that a healthy lifestyle would help me cope up and reduce the health issues to a great extent.

So, I met Ruhi with a clear objective. I wanted to follow the Ayurveda way of life and though I was not over weight, Β required fat loss was just a by-product of it. I firmly believe in the fact that healthy eating habits lead to a healthy weight loss to become fitter and Ruhi helped me achieve exactly that.

I really appreciate the genuine interest of Ruhi in helping me stick to the diet plan. There have been a few deviations in the plan due to travel but I have been able to achieve the general Ayurveda principles that Ruhi recommends.

The whole regime has made me more aware and conscious about the recommended food based on my body type , intervals between meals, hydration, calorie intake etc. which has led to a healthy lifestyle.

I have lost about 4 kg weight in the process (which was my target -did not have too much scope to lose) without starving and without compromising on my favorite food.

Thanks a lot Ruhi…The Ayurveda journey will continue…

Susmita Dutta
HR Professional

PCOD recovery story through Ayurvedic diet

When I met Ruhi, I told her clearly the objective was to get my body feeling healthier and although I was overweight, losing weight wasn’t my priority. Until then I had been falling sick very regularly, almost every other day and had irregular periods because of Poly cystic ovaries. I also had been diagnosed with GERD, which meant if I didn’t eat regularly I had a massive acidity problem and every evening after lunch I was so bloated that wearing western clothes had become a nightmare.

Post 6 months, I can’t thank Ruhi enough for helping me cure my PCOS and my GERD only through her recommended diet and herbs. All the medicines I had bought for GERD especially thankfully became redundant. My energy levels shot up and immunity also started building. There were other times also she helped me cure an immensely bad throat without any antibiotics.

I now know how to handle my body better. I make better food choices and I bought a whole new range of western clothes πŸ™‚

Plus the first 3 months itself saw me shedding 7 kgs which was a bonus!!

Ruhi has worked resiliently through my ever changing timings, food choices and travel. I never ever gained weight on any holiday even though I was not eating home cooked food. Ruhi has shown me the way and I am glad I associated with her.

Preetie Bindra
Manager MNC

My journey of 3 months

My journey of 3 months with Ruhi’s diet program was something which I had considered as usual weight loss program which is available all over and had thought that I would lose interest after initial 15-20 days which usually happens with most of us. However, I was myself amazed that despite of being a foodie, I could follow it with much ease and could lose 7 kgs without much effort.
The diet plans are convenient to follow as I have lost weight by eating and not starving.Also the regular follow ups from Ruhi have always motivated me to follow the diet plans.Thanks for everything and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I am sure you will play a key role in inculcating healthy lifestyle among many of the food lovers like me 😊

Sudhir Sharma
Service Banking

Ruhi , I can’t thank

Ruhi , I can’t thank her enough for helping me lose weight the healthiest way .

She gave excellent diet plans , I rarely felt starved , with changing plans every 3-4 days , she gave many options to eat .
It was a wonderful 3 months journey with her , and I could easily shed my stubborn fat , on which I had given up .

I lost approx 7 kgs in 3 months , and without making huge changes in my diet , for me its a big achievement . the last 3 months taught me to make healthy choices and balance in my diet , I now know a healthy lifestyle , is not so difficult .

I wish Ruhi super success in her endeavour to spread health and make people fitter πŸ™‚
As a person whatever I little I know her , she is gentle and encouraging giving out very positive vibes , which makes the fitness journey easy and exciting .

After her 3 month course , I achieved what I wanted , which made me a happier fitter person. its great to fit into your old clothes which were kept away πŸ™‚

Thanks a lot Ruhi ,

Shikha Vats

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