Benefits of Turnip- Ayurvedic diet

Why you should kick kale and eat turnip?

Ayurvedic diet

Ayurvedic soul diet

When we talk about Ayurvedic diet, firstly it is important that people understand the benefits of eating regional or local food and according to season.
Ayurvedic diet vegetable- Turnip
Season of the vegetable- Winter
Latin name- Rapum
Hindi name- Shalgam

Ayurvedic Qualities (Dravya Guna)

Taste (Rasha)- Astringent, Pungent
Potency (Virya)- Hot
Digestive Juice (Vipaka)- Pungent
Texture Quality (Guna)- Rough and dry
Effect on dosha- Kapha decreases

Benefit of Turnip

1. Rich in Vitamin C- As lot of us face problems of cold and cough during winter, it is helpful in boosting immunity because of being rich in vitamin C

2. Rich in vitamin K- Good for people with diabetes as vitamin k helps in blood clotting which is mostly a concern with people who has diabetes. Therefore very useful as a part of diabetes diet

3. Turnip is diuretic in nature – It helps in reducing water retention. It is very useful to lower blood pressure and edema.

4. Helps in weight loss- Being astringent and pungent in nature, turnip improves metabolism and helps in reducing weight.

Therefore it is an essential part of Ayurvedic diet in winter- Eat Regional and Seasonal!

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