Weight loss program which really works!!

I have been in the program for 3 months and I am happily surprised with the results. I thought initially when I enrolled that the plans will be so difficult that I will loose interest in a week but Ruhi Rajput made it so easy for me to follow that I was able to see the change on the weighing scale from the very next week. It was amazing journey, lost 9 kgs in 3 months, learnt a lot about the right food which suits the my body type according to Ayurvedic constitution.

Not only the weight loss, Ruhi also introduced me to a herbs which replaced my ongoing medication to treat PCOS which worked perfectly and now I am off the medicine.
Thank you so much Ayurveda and to Ruhi for great help and also extending my plan to cover my days I was off the plan as due to some circumstances I could not follow for 2 weeks.
Amazing experience and results!

PCOD recovery story through Ayurvedic diet

When I met Ruhi, I told her clearly the objective was to get my body feeling healthier and although I was overweight, losing weight wasn’t my priority. Until then I had been falling sick very regularly, almost every other day and had irregular periods because of Poly cystic ovaries. I also had been diagnosed with GERD, which meant if I didn’t eat regularly I had a massive acidity problem and every evening after lunch I was so bloated that wearing western clothes had become a nightmare.

Post 6 months, I can’t thank Ruhi enough for helping me cure my PCOS and my GERD only through her recommended diet and herbs. All the medicines I had bought for GERD especially thankfully became redundant. My energy levels shot up and immunity also started building. There were other times also she helped me cure an immensely bad throat without any antibiotics.

I now know how to handle my body better. I make better food choices and I bought a whole new range of western clothes 🙂

Plus the first 3 months itself saw me shedding 7 kgs which was a bonus!!

Ruhi has worked resiliently through my ever changing timings, food choices and travel. I never ever gained weight on any holiday even though I was not eating home cooked food. Ruhi has shown me the way and I am glad I associated with her.