October 27, 2017 admin

The Ayurveda Way of Life through right method of eating

My health was not at at its best when I decided to meet Ruhi. I was battling with endometriotic cysts, acid reflux, vertigo/cervical pain but I believed that a healthy lifestyle would help me cope up and reduce the health issues to a great extent.

So, I met Ruhi with a clear objective. I wanted to follow the Ayurveda way of life and though I was not over weight,  required fat loss was just a by-product of it. I firmly believe in the fact that healthy eating habits lead to a healthy weight loss to become fitter and Ruhi helped me achieve exactly that.

I really appreciate the genuine interest of Ruhi in helping me stick to the diet plan. There have been a few deviations in the plan due to travel but I have been able to achieve the general Ayurveda principles that Ruhi recommends.

The whole regime has made me more aware and conscious about the recommended food based on my body type , intervals between meals, hydration, calorie intake etc. which has led to a healthy lifestyle.

I have lost about 4 kg weight in the process (which was my target -did not have too much scope to lose) without starving and without compromising on my favorite food.

Thanks a lot Ruhi…The Ayurveda journey will continue…