December 4, 2018 admin

A journey to a healthy lifestyle choices

I have been someone who had always been very lazy and uninformed about the dietary modifications that were required to lead a healthy lifestyle. I would keep wondering why i felt tired, fatigued and generally low in life .. without realizing our food intake impacts our general mood and how we feel through the day. I realized that i also liked a sense of routine, something that i have in every other aspect of my life, and completely lacked it when it came to my eating habits. Ruhi helped me put that routine in place, and i saw an immediate impact on my sheer energy levels, and how it made me feel through the day along with also losing weight. I lost close to 5 Kgs in a matter of 3 months, something that i never thought i was capable of losing on my own. Ruhi’s diet was quick to adapt to my other dietary restrictions and another thing i personally enjoyed that i started cooking a lot of things that were never part of my day to day diet and dishes that i had kept only for eating out / restaurants… this also helped me to fight the boredom that i had started to feel with my everyday eating.

I am very glad i took this program, as this has taught me a new way of living that i plan to continue going forward. Thanks a ton Ruhi, for your patience, dedication and personalized attention that you showed.. I recommend everyone to get Ruhi onboard for your journey to a healthy lifestyle…